State-by-State Advance Directive Forms

An Advance Health Care Directive, also called an Advance Directive, is a legal document stating how you would like to be treated at the end of your life.

In order to complete an Advance Health Care Directive you must identify the types of treatments you do and do not want at the end of your life (Living Will) and name someone who will make sure that your health care decisions are followed (Health Care Proxy or Health Care Power of Attorney).

Every state has its own Advance Directive forms; there is, however, a growing movement towards the creation of a universal Advance Directive, which would work in all states. In some states, the Living Will and Health Care Proxy forms are combined into a single document; in other states, the forms are separate. Once you've completed your state's forms and gotten them signed or notarized (depending on your state's requirements) they are legally binding, though you may revoke or amend them at any time. Below you will find advance directive forms by state compiled in alphabetical order.

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