Due to the fact that New York is one of only three states that does not accept living wills, this particular form is not considered to be legally binding. Nevertheless, a Living Will may be of great assistance in guiding your Health Care Proxy or other family members who may be accountable for your care decisions.

Information Required for Naming a Health Care Proxy: Your NY Health Care Proxy form must be signed by you and two (2) witnesses for it to be declared legitimate.
New York Advance Directive Form

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Death Certificates
Click here to download the application for a certified New York death certificate.

Digital Estate Planning Laws

Law: AB A9910A
Description: Provides for the administration of digital assets; authorizes a user to use an online tool to direct the custodian to disclose or not to disclose some or all of the user's digital assets, including the content of electronic communications; provides that this article does not impair the rights of a custodian or a user under a terms-of-service agreement to access and use digital assets of the user; provides for a procedure for disclosing digital assets.
Status: Effective September 29, 2016,

Death With Dignity Legislation (a.k.a. Aid-In-Dying or Physician-Assisted Death)
  • The "New York End-Of-Life Options Act" (Bill S3685-2015) was introduced to the State Senate on February 13, 2015 to "to make aid in dying an open, legitimate option for terminally ill individuals in New York State."

Organ Donation Registries
New York Organ Donation registry official link.

MOLST (Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) Form
Download the MOLST form for New York residents.

Probate Laws For New York

Estate And Inheritance Tax Rate
  • The top estate tax rate is 16 percent (exemption threshold: $5.749 million)