Only if you and two (2) witnesses sign your GA Advance Directive will it be legally binding. The following qualifications are necessary for witnesses to testify:

  • Not less than 18 years old
  • Not a relative or someone who stands to inherit from the individual whose Living Will is being made.
  • NOT be liable for the person's future medical expenses if you create a Living Will for them.
  • Cannot be held liable for the Living Will's subject's medical expenses.
  • Neither of the two witnesses may be a medical professional or an employee of the facility where the person creating the Living Will is currently receiving treatment.
  • A second signature is required on a Living Will if it is drafted while the patient is in a hospital or nursing home receiving specialized care. Either the skilled nursing facility's medical director or a physician on staff who is not directly involved in the patient's treatment must serve as the third witness. If at a hospital, it must be the administrative head of the facility or a physician on staff who is not directly involved in the care of the patient.
Georgia Advance Directive Form

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