To have a comprehensive Advance Directive in Tennessee, you must fill out two additional forms: a Living Will termed a "Advance Care Plan" and a "Healthcare Agent" (a.k.a. Health Care Proxy).

Required Information for the Living Will: For your TN Living Will to be declared legitimate, your signature must be Notarized OR two (2) witnesses must sign it. Witnesses CANNOT be the person selected as your agent or alternate, and at least one of the witnesses must NOT be related to you or entitled to any portion of your assets.
Tennessee Advance Directive Form
Information Required for Naming a Health Care Proxy: For your TN Health Care Proxy form to be recognized legal, your signature must be Notarized OR two (2) witnesses must sign it.
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Death Certificates
Digital Estate Planning Laws:
Law: SB 326 Uniform Fiduciary Access To Digital Assets Act
Description: This law authorizes a decedent’s personal representative or trustee to access and manage digital assets and electronic communications. [Read the full Bill]
Status: Effective July 1, 2016

Death With Dignity Legislation (a.k.a. Aid-In-Dying or Physician-Assisted Death)
  • Tennessee has no legislation

Organ Donation Registries
Tennessee Organ Donation registry official link.

POST (Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment) Form
Download the POST form for Tennessee residents.

Probate Laws
Title 32, Chapter 2

Estate And Inheritance Tax Rate
  • Tennessee has no estate tax or inheritance tax