The Advance Care Planning packet in Washington comprises a form for naming a "Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care" (also known as a "Health Care Proxy") and a "Living Will."

You and two (2) witnesses are required to sign the WA Advance Directive in order for it to be legal. The following are the rules for witnesses as mentioned on the form:

  • Must be at least 18 years old and of sound mind.
  • Cannot be related by blood, marriage, or state-registered domestic partnership to you or your health care agent.
  • Cannot be your caregiver at home or in an adult family home or long-term care institution where you reside.
  • Cannot serve as your health care agent.
Washington Advance Directive Form
Other resources for Washington:

Death Certificates
Digital Estate Planning Laws:
Law: SB 5029
Description: This provides a process for a digital asset custodian to disclose digital asset information when requested by a fiduciary who needs access to the information to fulfil fiduciary duties. [Final Bill report]
Status: Effective June 9, 2016

Death With Dignity Legislation (a.k.a. Aid-In-Dying or Physician-Assisted Death)
  • Washington voted the Death with Dignity Act into law in 2008.

Organ Donation Registries
Washington Organ Donation registry

POLST (Clinician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) Form
Download the POLST form for Washington residents.

Probate Laws
Estate And Inheritance Tax Rate
  • The top estate tax rate is 20%(exemption threshold: $2.193 million)