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Welcome to impathi. Our digital health platform provides a complete solution for patients, providers and payers to improve the quality of healthcare and the quality of life at the end-of-life.
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of the 25% Medicare Budget spent in the last year of life
of hospice-eligible patients are referred for hospice care earlier than 30 days prior to death
50% of Medicare beneficiaries are on hospice for 30 days or fewer
30 days
The impathi Digital Health Platform
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Impathi serves as a comprehensive and personalized resource to help you manage all aspects of your care so you can live the best life possible. Our goal is to connect you with the best level of care and support you and your caregivers throughout the entire journey.
At impathi, we have found that early hospice referrals are key to decreasing end-of-life spend and keeping patients out of unnecessary and costly hospital and ER settings.

Working with primary and specialized care providers as well as the right hospice providers, we help transition hospice-eligible patients to the appropriate level of care sooner. The outcome is that we help reduce end-of-life health care costs while also improving the overall patient and caregiver experience.
Research has shown that patients who receive the hospice benefit for 30 days or longer consume six times less in health care costs during the last month of life than patients who did not receive hospice.

In addition, patients with no hospice care were ten times more likely to be admitted to the hospital during the last month of life compared to patients who received early hospice care.

Just over 50% of the Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in hospice are only there for 30 days or fewer and only 7% of hospice-eligible patients are referred for hospice care early. This represents a significant opportunity for payers and providers to reduce costs and improve the end-of-life health care experience.
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Our digital health platform improves the quality of healthcare and the quality of life at the end-of-life