Military Deployment Checklist
Deployments can come when you least expect, so better safe than sorry.
Here are some of the essential documents, accounts, and types of information you should organize and share with the people you love.
Important Contacts
Official Documents
Provide the location and vital components for each of the following:
Identification/Vital Documents
Provide the location for each of the following, including expiration dates where applicable:
Insurance Info
Review the following policies and make sure they provide enough coverage, are up-to-date, and easy to find.
Bank Accounts / Mortgage / Loans / Investments
Have a recent statement for each account, location of related items (example: checkbooks, passbooks), and account/login info for online management.
Credit Cards
Have a recent statement for each account and login/password for online management.
Property Deeds / Titles
Unlocking Electronics / Security Settings
Ensure someone you trust knows how to access the following.
Around The House
Make sure all utilities, services, and vendors are in order while you’re gone.
Digital Accounts / Services
Identify all of the following digital accounts and services you use and how someone you trust can gain access if required. (Password managers are really handy in this situation.)
Miscellaneous Important Items
Make sure each of these is cared for, suspended while you’re gone, or in a secure location.
Legacy / After Im Gone